30 julho 2008

Algumas dicas sobre os SPA´s que permitem a Nudez dos Hóspedes.

What's the story around nudity at the spa?

You change into a robe and slippers in the locker room.

Sometimes there are private changing rooms, and sometimes not.

Many spas have steam, sauna, and hot tubs in the women and men's changing areas.

You can go nude, wrap yourself in a towel, or wear a swimsuit.

When it's time for your spa treatment, the therapist picks you up in the "meditation room" and takes you to the treatment room.

The therapist leaves the room, giving you time to hang up and your robe and slip between the sheets on the massage table.

The therapist will knock before entering.

You are nude during the massage, but always covered with sheets.

Only the part being massaged is exposed.

You can wear underwear if you want to.

European spas, like the spas in Germany are more relaxed about nudity.

They don't use elaborate draping techniques, and men and women typically take steam and sauna baths together, nude.

There are styles of massage like Thai Massage or reflexology where you stay fully clothed.

If you're uneasy about nudity at the spa, think twice about getting a body treatment like a salt glow or a Vichy shower.

You are more likely to be exposed at some point.

Many spas offer disposable panties for the body treatment.

Sometimes they're optional, and sometimes the spa requests you wear them.

Some spas request you wear a swimsuit during hydrotherapy treatments.

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