05 agosto 2008

Conselhos para uma Mulher que procura “flirtar” um Homem

To find a man, first, you have to know how they think.

Then, you have to understand the following basic rules:

1) Looks Can Kill.

No woman wants to hear this, but looks are important to guys.

You miss opportunities if you're not done every time you leave the house — every time you leave the house.

It's the rule that's in place, whether you like it or not: Guys are visual.

2) Hone Your Skills.

Many women focus their attention and skills on their jobs and hobbies, and they think that finding a man is just going to happen.

Women should think of flirting as a skill, too.

Like being a lawyer, playing tennis, you have to practice and get good at it.

3) Dealing with Rejection.

Fear of getting burned leaves some men afraid to approach women.

I say that this is a perfect opportunity for women to make a move.

If you approach a man subtly and talk about something great, that man will think: “She's interesting and friendly.”.

4) Inner Dialogue.

When you enter a room you should be talking to yourself, saying: "I can have any man in this room.".

Guys pick up on that.

Practice faking it if you don't feel it … It changes everything.

5) Cell Phone Intimidation.

Could your cell phone be putting out bad vibes?

Women are always on the cell phone when they're alone in public.

So what does that say to the man?

Wow, she's hot, but she won't shut up.

And if you continue doing that, no man can't approach you because you're talking to someone else!

This normally happens to teenagers, but you can not do this when you are already a woman!

6) Text Messaging Manners.

Don't let a man ask you out with a text message.

Make him call you. Tell him “Act like a guy and call me and ask me out. Be a gentleman.”.

7) The Sporting Life.

It sounds obvious, but if you want to meet a guy, go where they are.

And where are guys?

Wherever there are sports!

Sporting clubs, fishing, golfing, volleyball.

It's double duty — having fun and meeting men.

You do not know which is the best part?

I tell you that your odds will be good because there won't be many other women around.

8) Universal Turn-Offs.

There are a few surefire things a woman can do that will drive any man away.

- One is if she seems desperate for kids. If a woman stares at baby carriages or makes comments, that sends a message she's desperate for kids. And that makes guys run.

- A second is bitterness. We all have baggage, but don't bring it to your first date. Leave it at home. Go on a date with a fresh start and open mind.

- A third is selfishness: Say “Thank you” when he buys you dinner or does something nice.

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