12 março 2011

Sarah White - A Psicóloga da Terapia Despida!

Finalmente um serviço de saúde que vai satisfazer muitos Homens deprimidos …e que poderá irritar muitas mulheres comprometidas com tais homens!

Ai quando a concorrência souber disto…… Vai ser bonito se a moda pega na versão masculina e houver um psicólogo que se lembre de fazer o mesmo… Ainda vão existir por aí mais deprimidos por esta razão (Vai ser um ciclo vicioso!)

Contudo, ir à psicóloga/o, entre outros eventuais benefícios, vai permitir deduções fiscais no IRS como despesa de saúde do agregado familiar!

Sarah White tem 24 anos e é uma terapeuta pouco ortodoxa.
A jovem norte-americana decidiu propor «terapia despida» aos pacientes para que estes se sintam mais à vontade nas sessões, uma vez que acredita que a nudez encoraja a honestidade e a concentração, avança o «New York Daily News».

«Freud usou o método de livre associação, eu uso a nudez», afirmou.

A sessão de «terapia despida», realizada através da internet, custa 107 euros, e já são mais de 30 homens, de todo o mundo, que aderiram à proposta de Sarah White.

Depois da intensificação dos laços, terapeuta e paciente ficam cara-a-cara, mas para isso os clientes têm de pagar 320 euros.

Sarah White afirma que o namorado não vê problemas na sua profissão, mas mostrou-se preocupada com o que os pais vão pensar, uma vez que não lhes contou sobre o novo método de terapia.

A jovem admitiu ainda que o seu método não é aprovado pelos profissionais da área, que consideram o trabalho da terapeuta não licenciada «pornografia na internet».

Mulher oferece "terapia despida"

Uma "terapeuta" norte-americana pouco ortodoxa está a propor "terapia despida" aos seus pacientes para que eles se sintam mais à vontade durante as sessões.
Sarah White, de 24 anos, acredita que a nudez encoraja os clientes a serem mais honestos e os mantém mais concentrados.

A primeira sessão de "terapia despida", realizada pela Internet com uma "webcam", custa 150 dólares (107 euros).
O método peculiar de Sarah já atraiu cerca de 30 homens de diversas partes do mundo.
"A proposta é mostrar aos meus pacientes que não tenho nada a esconder e encorajá-los a serem mais honestos durante a terapia", disse Sarah White ao "New York Daily News", um tablóide nova-iorquino.
"Freud usou o método de livre associação, eu uso a nudez", acrescentou.
Na medida em que paciente e terapeuta intensificam os laços, Sarah introduz o segundo passo da "terapia despida", uma sessão realizada pessoalmente.
Para ficarem frente a frente com Sarah, os clientes têm de desembolsar um valor a rondar os 320 euros.
Sarah White contou ao jornal que tem um namorado, mas que o rapaz não vê problemas na sua profissão.
A jovem, porém, mostrou-se preocupada com o que os pais irão pensar. "Penso que deveria ter-lhes, ao menos, contado sobre o meu trabalho antes de dar esta entrevista", disse Sarah.

O Resumo da Teoria Despida

E-mail para contacto:

As a Naked Therapist, I seek to give you power through arousal. To best explain what that means, I’ve answered some basic questions people have.

Q: What’s Naked Therapy?
In one sense, that’s easy to say. It’s therapy that involves getting and/or being naked on the part of the therapist (me) and/or the patient (you). It takes place in one-on-one private web cam or in-person sessions in which we converse about whatever’s on your mind and/or you present issues and I help you think them through, explore them, and better understand them. During these sessions, I use the power of arousal to help you gain more control over your life. Depending on what you want, I start the session naked…or I start clothed and slowly get naked…or….it really depends on what you want. And that’s why, in another sense, it’s not so simple to say what Naked Therapy “is,” because it’s different for every man (or woman). Together we determine the course of our sessions. The goal is to use nakedness as a therapeutic modality so you can understand yourself and your world better, so you can feel great and powerful, and so the excitement you feel during the sessions can lead to more excitement outside the sessions. So like massage therapy uses massage, psychotherapy uses psychology, and aromatherapy uses scents, Naked Therapy uses nakedness to feel freer and stronger and healthier and happier. Some of my clients are single men who are trying to get better at meeting girls. Some are married men who simply want to talk to a woman other than their wife. Some are having sexual or relationship problems and want help working through them. Some have unresolved issues from childhood that are keeping them from realizing their full potential. Some are frustrated and need to vent to someone. Some want to stop looking at pornography and find that interacting with me helps them do that. Some of my clients simply want to feel appreciated and understood. But for every client, nakedness allows you to let go of restrictions and inhibitions and also instantly establishes a communicative, intimate, and trusting relationship between us. Instead of the cold, objective, impersonal demeanor of the traditional therapist, you encounter me, just as I am and with nothing to hide, and as a result you feel closer to me, less inhibited around me, and by being turned on you’re able to discover things you might not with a clothed therapist.

Q: Why Naked Therapy?
There are many reasons. One primary reason is that men need therapy. Our world is in the midst of a massive mental health crisis, and it is that men need therapy yet they rarely seek it. Men commit the majority of violent crimes, are less physically healthy, and they are more likely to commit suicide, become depressed or be diagnosed as mentally ill, yet women are four times more likely than men to willingly enter therapy. If offering men something they find exciting helps get them into therapy, I am happy to do my part in helping solve this crisis. Q: Nothing’s wrong with me, so why should I seek therapy? That’s what’s special about Naked Therapy (other than the nakedness). There doesn’t have to be anything wrong with you. In fact, I’d go one step further and say there IS nothing wrong with you, and the fact that you’re even considering Naked Therapy proves that you are open-minded, adventurous, and thoughtful! ! Why seek Naked Therapy, then? Because Naked Therapy will help you gain power through arousal. Together we investigate who you are and bring more beauty, excitement, and power to your life.

Q: How am I supposed to concentrate when you’re taking off your clothes?
This is my favorite question because it cuts to the heart of what Naked Therapy is trying to address…or, as it were, undress . If you’ll allow me a bit of grandstanding, in my (and others’) opinion, the 21st century man is living a schizophrenic existence that is rooted in traditional therapy and exacerbated by the Internet. One part of his life is rational, cold, and concealed. The other part is sexual, raw, and open. In the first part, he judges and talks and thinks about himself and his world in a neutered, socially-acceptable fashion. In the second part, he lets down his guard and looks at porn, has sex, gets emotional, goes wild. Traditional therapy uses the first part (the cold and rational and concealed) to release and conquer the second part (the sexual, raw and open). Naked Therapy takes the opposite approach. Naked Therapy indulges in and explores the second part in an attempt to excite and engage the first part. Both traditional therapy and Naked Therapy have the goal of bringing these two parts together, but only Naked Therapy really succeeds because it goes at it from the right direction. It is able to bring the two parts together because it accepts both parts on their own terms, in a positive way, and doesn’t value one over the other. And once the two parts come together, the man becomes whole, and by becoming whole he gains power, knowledge, and freedom. So, while investigating deeper issues while also watching me undress and talking to me while naked might be difficult at first, trust me (and my clients) – it gets easier, and as it gets easier, your life becomes richer. On the flip-side, please know that for many of my clients this question does not even come up. They find that when my clothes are off they are more concentrated, insightful, thoughtful, and excited about exploring their life and making positive changes.

Outras Fontes: http://www.jn.pt/PaginaInicial/Mundo/Interior.aspx?content_id=1798005 http://www.lux.iol.pt/internacionais/terapeuta-internet-nudez-pornografia-terapia-sarah-white/1237009-4997.html

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